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VOLUNTARIO 2020-2021

We encourage all Kromrey families to try and volunteer for at least one event per year! It's a great way to get involved and give back to the community!

Many of the Volunteer Committees need Chairpersons! All Committees need volunteers! Please sign up today!

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Fifth or Sixth Grade Welcome Event Committee

We need volunteers to help with the 5th grade and 6th grade Welcome social. Please sign up on the links below.

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Seventh Grade Sports Tournament

Sports is the best way to have fun and meet new people. This committee will organize and lead a basketball/ soccer tournament  for six graders in Fall and/or Winter.

Image by Giulia May


This chairperson & a small committee of a few members organize the setup and smooth execution of the PTO table on Information Day in August.

This is a great volunteer opportunity for someone who wants to donate their time for a one-day summer event!

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This committee works to assist students who may need help with snacks at school, winter clothing, school supplies, and other items. Volunteers may help with obtaining necessities or funding. 



This committee organizes as many Staff Appreciation events as possible! Kromrey Families are eager to sign up to help with food or appreciation items. The committee can decide to expand this program to recognize bus drivers, principals, front office staff, and school nurses! Since there are many people to thank and show appreciation, please look out for volunteer sign-ups for this committee

Key Speaker


Also known as Kromrey Community Connections, this committee brings the Kromrey community together in the evening to hear speakers who will share their knowledge and expertise on a wider variety of topics. 

After learning the topics Kromrey families & staff would find interesting, the committee finds an appropriate speaker that is in line with the PTO bylaws. The volunteers coordinate with the speaker, the Kromrey Administration, the PTO, the Kromrey Staff, about the topic to be discussed. There are also tasks such as reserving the space, possible reservations, setting up the room, and greeting guests.  

The Restaurant


This committee works with local restaurants to organize a restaurant fundraiser. Volunteers may help choose a restaurant, a suitable date, and publicize the event to encourage Kromrey families to purchase at the specific restaurant on a specific night. The restaurant will then share a small percentage of its proceeds with the PTO!

The Restaurant

Spirit Wear Committee

Coordinate design, orders and distribution of Spirit wear.

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Every year, the Kromrey PTO organizes the Scholastic Book Fairs in the Kromrey Library. This is a tried and true event that quickly finds lots of volunteer participation! 

Volunteers work with the Kromrey librarian and Scholastic Books to handle all aspects of the sale from set-up to take-down!

Red and White Flags


The Eighth Grade Celebration is a Kromrey Tradition that honors the accomplishments of the graduating 8th graders before they head off to high school. 

After a ceremony at Middleton High School for students and their families, the students return to Kromrey for a dinner and dance celebration. 

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