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June 2020 Kromrey PTO Newsletter

Hello Kromrey parents/guardians and teachers,

For this last newsletter we are doing a “year in review” to look back at all the successes and accomplishments that occurred in the 2019 – 2020 school year. There are many reasons to celebrate Kromrey’s progress and the PTO Board is grateful to play a role in supporting the teachers, administrators, and your students.

We are also looking forward to the 2020 – 2021 school year and we will be prepared to support the Kromrey community to the best of our ability.

Thank you for a great year, have a great summer, and we will see you this fall!

Your Kromrey PTO Team

1. Congratulations to our kids! - Congratulations to all of our students for completing their school year and advancing to the next grade.

The PTO offers special congratulations to our Kromrey 8th graders as they move forward to high school! To recognize this significant accomplishment, each student will have a sign with their name on it and two banners will be made saying “Congratulations 8th Graders”. The signs and banners will be hung at Kromrey by June 4th and will remain until mid-to-late June.

2. Thank you to our volunteers! - To all the parents who generously volunteered your time to organize activities and events for our kids. Your help is sincerely appreciated! Committee leaders from 2019/20 include:

  • Eighth Grade Celebration – Carly Knoche and Lindsey Harmon

  • Sunshine Fund – Melissa Dale and Nichole Carlisle (Kromrey school social worker)

  • Staff Appreciation - Christine Laufenberg and Jennifer Stewart

  • Poetry Slam – Dom Ricks

  • Supply Drive – Melissa Dale

  • Scholastic Book Fair - Kerry Ostreng

  • Cougar Community Connections - Cristina Carvajal

  • Cougar Dash – Fran Priddy

  • Restaurant Nights – Fran Priddy

  • Spiritwear - Jen Mroch

  • Box tops - Tiz Ihnchak

3. Thank you to teachers! - The Kromrey PTO strives to partner with energetic, passionate teachers who inspire us with innovative, creative ways to advance kids’ learning. In 2019/20, PTO funds were used to support many unique events, activities, and learning opportunities.

A few examples include:

  • Hosted Cyber Session: Cyber Session “Like” was shown on Nov 19th with the goal of helping students and parents understand healthy vs. unhealthy uses of social media.

  • Author Visit: Writer Patricia Sutton visited the 5th grade in February 2020 to share her book Capsized!

  • Science Exploration: All 6th-grade science students had owl pellets to dissect as a part of their ecology unit to better understand food webs.

  • Bilingual Lunch: For the first time, 70 students were recognized with a lunch organized by the ESL/Bilingual Resource team for taking the ACCESS assessment.

  • Computer programming: Brenda Weiss teaches computer literacy and computer science to all four age groups. She concluded that The Code.org has the best tools and wanted to purchase the “Circuit Playground” for $350. The PTO provided her the funds and we look forward to hearing about her positive results in future semesters.

  • APT Actor Visit: Carol Deyoung brought actor David Daniel to Kromrey to lead the kids in Acting in a Greek Play. It was an exciting, energetic, and enthusiastic learning experience.

  • Be Kromrey Prizes: Bill Luebke hosted “Be Kromrey” assemblies on Jan 24th to celebrate the Kromrey community and emphasize the progress the students made with “Be Kromrey’s” 1st semester theme of Community and he encouraged everyone to embrace the 2nd semester theme of Kindness.

  • Guest Speakers: On February 19th, PTO’s Community Connections held its first speaker series event. About 20 participants - parents and students - gathered to hear our guest speaker Dr. Beatriz Aguilar discuss “Youth Empowerment; Bridging Gaps”.

  • Support of Musical Program: Darlayne Coughlin and the Kromrey music teachers partner with the PTO to encourage a flourishing music program. The biggest event supported by this partnership is the District Solo and Ensemble Festival that was held at Middleton High School on Saturday, February 22nd.

4. The Sunshine Fund - A special thanks for all who donated to the Sunshine Fund. Your donations paid for essential school supplies, hygiene products, clothing, and snacks for our students. We are excited to continue building our relationship with MOM and look forward to what opportunities next year brings.

5. Thank you to our financial supporters: Thank you to all who donated to the Kromrey PTO. Without your generous financial support, none of our activities are possible.

  • Scholastic Book Fair - The book fair was able to raise almost $3,500 for the Kromrey library.

  • Kromrey Spirit Wear - The Spirit Wear fundraiser earned $350 on $5,000 in merchandise sales.

  • Restaurant Night - We raised over $250 for the PTO at our first restaurant night fundraiser at Chipotle.

  • Information Day – Almost 90% of our funds are from donations made by parents/guardians during the August 12th Information Day.

6. Looking back at 2019/20 academic accomplishments:

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) School Report Cards were issued on Tuesday, Nov 12th. For the fifth time since 2012, at least half of all Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District schools “significantly exceeded expectations”. The district’s two middle schools – Kromrey and Glacier Creek – both “exceeded expectations”. The PTO Board applauds Kromrey’s teachers, administrators, students, and their parents/guardians for their academic achievements!

Kromrey was recognized as a Gold Award Winner by The Healthy Kids Collaborative of Dane County. The PTO thanks the administrators, teachers, and students who promote all aspects of health and wellness in our schools and our community - congratulations!

7. Areas of administrative focus from 2019/20:

The Kromrey administration has continued to strengthen the culture and school spirit through specific initiatives including PBIS (Be Kromrey), a new hallway passport system, anti-bullying programming, adding additional staff positions, and implementing monthly newsletters to improve transparency and overall communications. We appreciate the spirit of collaboration and partnership we’ve received from Kromrey’s Principal Dom Ricks and Associate Principal Eric Engel. Thanks to both of you!

Communications Tools and Resources:

There are many ways to stay connected with everything happening at Kromrey:

● eNews signup -​ ​www.mcpasd.k12.wi.us/kromrey/enews-signup

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● Subscribe to the Kromrey PTO e-mail list -​ ​www.kromreypto.org/about

● Kromrey PTO Facebook -​ ​www.facebook.com/KromreyMiddleSchoolPTO/

● PTO Monthly Newsletters -​ www.kromreypto.org/news

PTO Board Members:

President - Danielle Boorstein

Treasurer - Sam Garlock

Communications – Chris Jones and Heather Jones

Sunshine Fund – Melissa Dale

Events – Cristina Carvajal

Fundraising – Fran Priddy

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