November 2019 Kromrey PTO Newsletter

From the Kromrey PTO Board ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Congratulations to Kromrey for Performance on the School Report Cards!

The PTO Board would like to pause and recognize the great work our teachers, our administrators, our children, and their parents are doing at Kromrey. While all of us push ourselves every day to improve, and we hold ourselves to very high standards of performance, it’s valuable to take a moment to acknowledge that our middle school, and all the schools within our district, either “significantly exceeded expectations” or “exceeded expectations”. We can always do better and we’re always striving to improve, but we also want to express our appreciation to the people who make it happen all day, every day. Your tireless efforts are producing results. Thank you to teachers, administrators, students, and parents!

See the full article on Kromrey’s website:

A few highlights directly from the district’s announcement:

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) School Report Cards were issued on Tuesday, Nov 12th. For the fifth time since 2012, at least half of all Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District schools “significantly exceeded expectations”. The district’s two middle schools – Kromrey and Glacier Creek – both “exceeded expectations”.

“State-issued district/school report cards serve as important pieces of information as we consider our overall success with students,’’ Superintendent Dana Monogue said. “Our District and school-based teams use the data provided in the report cards to identify celebrations and successes as well as opportunities for reflection and improvement. We have much to celebrate as a school District and our report card ratings are something to be proud of. Our ratings reflect the dedication and commitment of our staff, the engagement and interest of our families, and the talents of our students.’’

Kromrey’s detailed report card:

Partnering with Mr. Ricks and Mr. Engel on High Priority Opportunities and Challenges

Each month the PTO Board meets with Mr. Ricks and Mr. Engel to collaborate on the Principals’ highest priority opportunities and challenges. In November, there were three areas of focus 1.) new staff positions at Kromrey 2.) cyber sessions and 3.) improving communications

Adding new staff positions

Kromrey is adding two new staff members. The first new role is for campus support. This person’s primary role is to act as a first responder for behavioral issues. Kromrey is a large school that needed the extra staff to cover the entire length of the building.

Kromrey is also adding a second Dean of Students. 90% of the new Dean’s time will be targeted at behavior challenges. The Dean will help students and teachers with improving proactive approaches to addressing behavior issues. At Mr. Engel’s suggestion, we will add a “new hires” section in the December newsletter to introduce new staff members to the PTO community.

Cyber Session “Like” Was Shown on Nov 19th

As we reported last month, Kromrey and Glacier Ridge partnered with the PTO to bring the documentary “Like” to both middle schools. The goal of showing “Like” is to help students and parents understand healthy vs. unhealthy uses of social media. The documentary included a discussion guide to help the Kromrey staff navigate questions from the students. The film was shown to all 8th graders on November 19th and it was open for a public viewing later that evening. For parents with 8th graders, please ask them to provide you some feedback on “Like” and then pass that information to our administration and PTO Board so we can improve future Cyber Sessions.