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October 2019 Kromrey PTO Newsletter

From the Kromrey PTO Board

THANK YOU to the many Kromrey families who have already signed up to volunteer as a chairperson or committee member. Your help is sincerely appreciated!

There are still many spots to be filled so please check the volunteer sign up to get involved. Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to Kromrey, meet new people, and help support the PTO events & programming.

Please check www.KromreyPTO.org for information such as the *NEW* Kromrey PTO Newsletter, donation links and volunteer links.

Partnering with Mr. Ricks and Mr. Engel on High Priority Challenges

Each month the PTO Board meets with Mr. Ricks and Mr. Engel to collaborate on the Principals’ highest priority challenges. In October, there were two areas of focus that merit further engagement. 1.) Bullying and 2.) Cyber Sessions (primarily related to social media)


Mr. Ricks identified Bullying as one of his primary challenges and encouraged our PTO Board to help raise awareness and encourage parents to utilize the district’s resources. Specifically, bullying should be reported via the district website: links for parents--> parent resources--> report bullying

This confidential report is immediately directed to all necessary school counselors and administration. https://www.publicschoolworks.com/SHL/bullyingMgr.asp?di=793&dia=mszmy

Parents are encouraged to watch for all forms of bullying and report problems as they arise. Bullying can take many forms including one-time events, recurring events, microaggressions, and cyber bullying.

For parents interested in learning more about microaggressions, Danielle Boorstein recommends this brief video that was produced by Middleton High School students. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW027BzE3uM&feature=youtu.be

Cyber Sessions

Mr. Engel is partnering with the PTO and Kromrey teachers to sponsor Cyber Sessions to raise awareness to realities of healthy and unhealthy use of social media and video games. In the past Kromrey hosted the documentary called Screenagers. For 2019-2020 there are additional events planned. Kromrey’s health teachers are also enhancing their curriculum to help students – especially 8th graders - make informed choices.

Mr. Engel and the Kromrey/Glacier Creek PTOs want to extend the impact of Kromrey’s initiatives to parents and community. Please donate to the Kromrey PTO to help us pay for activities such as:

  1. Student and parent screenings of a highly rated documentary film on social media

  2. Kromrey classroom visits from high school students to share their experiences and advice on navigating social media

  3. Parent and student roundtables so you can learn how others are successfully managing social media