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Run or Walk / Any Distance / Have fun / Be safe


November 1- 30, 2020

*This is not a fundraiser.

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a Trot-a-thon?

The Trot-a-thon aims to promote wellness & community! 

It is also a great reason to get moving, get outside, and do something with friends & family leading up to Thanksgiving Day!

Students will feel proud of their accomplishments!

else do I need to know? 

Please read & follow the safety rules for this event. 

Check out the FAQs at the bottom of this page.


All Kromrey students, families, and staff are invited to participate! 

Encourage your family members & friends to run or walk with you! 

Can I share photos on social media? 

With the permission of a parent or guardian, students and/or their family members are encouraged to share photos of their trot-a-thon-ing with the hashtag


HOW do I participate?

Please download this form to hang on a wall at your home with your Trot-a-thon goal. You can also simply use a blank piece of paper! Start walking or running!


On December 1, please visit this link to record the number of minutes you walked or ran!

Kromrey is not the only school with the Trot-a-thon!

The Glacier Creek Middle School community will also participate in its own Trot-a-thon. 

It's just one way that we can "do something together while we are apart from one another." 

should I walk or run? 

Walks and runs can occur anywhere you choose such as laps around your backyard, up and down the sidewalks, or even in your home!

Let's have fun "together" 

Moving is healthy for our bodies & our minds!

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What is a Trot-a-thon?

The Trot-a-thon is a virtual event that will motivate & inspire students to walk & run. It is optional & non-competitive. In addition to this being a fun activity, walking & running is healthy for our bodies & our minds! 


Students are encouraged to set a time goal, log their minutes, and submit the total on December 1 via the Google Form. The minutes will be tallied & the Kromrey total will be displayed on the school's marquis. 

Before participating, please read about Running Safety. Please follow COVID-19 guidelines as detailed by Public Health Madison Dane CountyCenters for Disease Control and Prevention & MCPASD. 

Have fun & be safe!

Trot-a-thon FAQs

FAQs for students & parents/guardians

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